Passenger Bus Guidelines & Safety Regulations

  1. Passengers are required to obey ALL reasonable requests from the driver. The driver is empowered to require a passenger to exit the bus for non-compliance of guidelines / regulations or contact PRT Administration and/or local law enforcement for assistance.
  2. Passengers (including those with Monthly Passes) may not ride beyond two (2) loops of the original location of boarding the bus. Passengers paying a fare may not ride beyond original location of boarding the bus without paying an additional fare.
  3. Buses are only allowed to use designated bus stops (PRT bench, sign, and/or shelter), be sure to be at the bus stop a few minutes early.
  4. PRT bus pass, or proper identification card for reduced fare, must be ready and displayed to driver at boarding.
  5. Correct fare required upon boarding, as PRT drivers do not have the ability to give change.
  6. Always use available seating. When capacity requires you to stand, use handrails and overhead rails, if available. Standing and sitting in the stairwells is prohibited.
  7. No standing allowed on any of the commuter routes.
  8. Remain behind yellow or white lines on floor when bus is in motion.
  9. Remain seated or wait until bus has come to a complete stop before exiting or boarding.
  10. Wait until bus departs stop before crossing street.
  11. Conversations with the driver, which distract from safely operating the bus, are prohibited.
  12. Aisles are to remain clear of all items including bikes, strollers, folding shopping carts, and baggage. Bikes are permitted inside the bus only when a bike rack is not available. Strollers and folding shopping carts should be collapsed prior to boarding the bus. Items beyond what one can reasonably carry are not permitted.
  13. Objects within the bus (basketballs, skateboards, etc.) are required to be under control.
  14. Objects shall not be thrown out bus windows.
  15. For safety reasons, parents are required to control children.
  16. Passengers must keep head, hands, and other body parts in the bus.
  17. Dangerous, disorderly, lewd or offensive conduct not permitted.
  18. Inappropriate conduct with or towards other passengers is prohibited.
  19. Passengers who fight, use profane language, violate PRT rules, or threaten other passengers are subject to be removed or arrested by the police.
  20. No food and drinks allowed, except those in closed containers.
  21. Drinking of alcohol or use of illegal drugs is prohibited. Passengers causing a disturbance or hazard due to these substances may be asked or required to exit the vehicle.
  22. Inappropriate conduct due to alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  23. Smoking or use of e-cigarettes is prohibited on buses and at all bus stops.
  24. Earphones are required for audio and video devices. Loud noises are prohibited.
  25. Individuals with a communicable illness are encouraged to not board any PRT vehicle.
  26. Littering, vandalism, or willful destruction of PRT property is prohibited.
  27. Shirts, footwear, and other appropriate clothing are required. Obscene attire is prohibited. Skates and rollerblades must be removed and replaced with other footwear.
  28. Passengers are required to maintain a level of reasonable non-offensive personal hygiene.
  29. Only service animals trained to assist a person with a disability allowed and the caring for is the responsibility of the passenger or personal care assistant.
  30. Federal regulations prohibit flammable or explosive materials on transit vehicles, such as automobile batteries. (Oxygen tanks & batteries on electric wheelchairs are exempt)

Updated October 2023